Where do you Hail from?

The great work begins when it is completed and it is completed when it begins. In that vein, I would like to share a little insight I had not too long ago about the nature of Celestics and the camaraderie and solidarity it entails.

At some point in the eternal present, those who engage in Celestics will not actually need to embark upon lengthy discourse when interacting with each other through the manifold. Now it is true that many beautiful discussions and treasures can be discovered through conversing and of course holding audition of a native’s endowment is a great delight. It is also true that discussion will be necessary in order to bring people to a more complete understanding of how to live into their transpersonal talents so they can find their place in the Sophianic narrative and act out their biographic character description to an optimal level. All of this is true, but what will be presented here goes beyond the extrapolation of talents, endowments and innate dispositions. It is a further distillation of the method, intended for those engaged in the voluntary life.

When interacting, Celestician’s and those aspiring to live out their endowments have the option to utilise code in order to relate. A point is reached when nothing more will be needed than the code presented. Allow the following example; three natives, who have never met in the flesh plan to engage in a beautiful setting out in nature in order to enjoy a weekend. Certain logistics are in order to make the weekend a success. Shelter, warmth, food etc. Once the initial comfort has been set up and the evening approaches, it is natural to engage in discussion in order to share in delight and explore the mind, ambitions, pleasures and other facets of human and non-human existence.

Cutting to the chase, the introduction to each other, using the Celestial code is extremely succinct and provides an inroad towards a beautiful exchange. The leading question is ‘Where do you Hail from?’

In oceanic times gone by, on many ships throughout history, there has undoubtedly been occasion when a new crew faced difficult conditions as the action got pretty heavy, pretty soon and it was all hands on deck from the off. The formal introductions and general pleasantries go out of the window in the name of survival. Once the weather has settled and the crew has gained control, the personal greetings can begin, but without the need for any initial awkwardness, as they have already bonded through surviving a storm. Early on in the spoken introductions, the question will arise…’Where do you Hail from?’  

On a ship and also in general life, regional accents can give one an instant recognition. Coupled with the declaration of where one actually come from, down to earth folk who have a sense of regional culture are going to strike up a spontaneous and unspoken image in their mind regarding the character of the individual just by hearing where they come from and how they say it. The same is true in Celestics.

Even with a basic understanding of the Celestial code, it is possible to say where you hail from, and to say it in such a way that evokes a certain image in the recipient’s mind, that reveals an integral aspect of one’s character in development, without any need for further elaboration. Of course, elaboration isn’t off limits and when it pleases then no doubt it will unfold. The point is however, it isn’t necessary in order to achieve solidarity.

Using the Celestial code and when asked, ‘Where do you Hail from?’ the answer is the same for everyone. It is the placement of the natal Sun. The mere stating of where the Sun is in one’s manifold, coupled with how it is said, reveals to the company an essence about the native that can only be felt in the solidarity of those present. This doesn’t mean that people are excluded from this delight, but you do have to turn up and opt in. Everyone has that choice.

This particular teaching arrives right at the top of the game. When someone asks me, ‘where do you hail from?’ I simply say ‘The Fulcrum of the Scales’. For those already attuned to the code and who are taking responsibility for their own endowment as well as encouraging it in others, the force of this cosmic location, living through my life will play a certain tune in the mind of those present.

This works true on all locales throughout the Zodiacal constellations that are also displayed on the rim-site array. I had the great pleasure of coming to this particular insight with the nagual of Infinity Ridge. He hails from ‘The Heart of the Scorpion’. Let that one sink in. Of course elaboration is possible and indeed delightful but the statement on its own terms evokes a striking image, particularly in the flesh. His accomplice, the impeccable Ceridwen hails from ‘The Greater Void’. What struck me here, is I never heard her say so. That alone speaks volumes.

Wherever the reader hails from, it is worth repeating to oneself so that when the day arrives, this lesson can be made actional. In the meantime, it is something to contemplate and play with in order to give it strength.

The actual syntax that describes the real sky location, coupled with the way it is said can bond the look and feel of the Anthropos in a way that transcends any regional identity. This isn’t to dismiss regional identity in the slightest as respect is due when it is cultivated in an organic and beautiful fashion. But this character identity, coming from the dreaming power of the constellations takes on an essence and transpersonal solidarity that just cannot be found anywhere else. Such is my pretence, imputing into existence the Anthropos and educating the human species through the Bodhisattva process.



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  1. Jon_Rusk says:

    Nice report Scales; just for the record I hail from the ‘Tail of the Goatfish’. I was wondering if all of our members have the region of the Celestial Heavens where they hail from. Wouldn’t it be entertaining to have a list of each of us? I believe there is plenty we can all learn
    together by sharing this information.

    1. Daniel_Nicholson says:

      Thank you my friend, recognition is always welcome, especially from those engaged in Her narrative. I am sure there is much to be learned from sharing this information. As you can see this site is very much in the early stages and I’m still considering the best way to contribute. I know others are as well. I have a feeling that September will be a decisive month in taking Celestics forward. Hold on to your panties as the ol’ dog star kid would say!!

  2. Julie Ann Frazier says:

    I hail from the Claws of Mother Scorpion.

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