The Celestial Code

The Anthropine species demonstrates certain qualities that distinguish us from other animals. Not to say that we are superior, but unique. The most obvious talent that distinguishes us is the linguistic capacity. The human animal is a story telling animal. It is how we relate and how we remember. But right now with smart phones as best companions, human relationships are arguably more fragmented than ever before. We are also a species with amnesia, primarily because a large portion have forgotten the story of our planet. The good news is that this narrative, as developed by our most excellent of ancestors, the telestai (those who are aimed) has been restored by John Lash and is alive and well on the face of the earth today.

“The beauty of the story you love matches and generates the power to live it”

This is the Rule of Psyche and it trumps any actional guidance in the realm of psychology, past or present due to it cogency and simplicity. It is a rule to repeat for the rest of your life. Should it please you.

This rule begs numerous questions; How does the individual, native to the planet, find the story that they love to live, in order to give a transpersonal purpose, to actually contribute to this great play of ours? Or put slightly differently, how does the native find his or her own story within the greater narrative of the planet itself? A filming metaphor is helpful in this instance. When an actor performs a role in a film, he or she must learn and then play out the script. What if there is a script to guide each human actor in this story, where would you find it? Quite simply you find it in the Celestial Code on the day you were born.

Important to note is that standard tropical astrology, as seen in newspaper columns and countless online forums totally ignores the stars. Let that sink in a second. On its own terms astrology can provide useful information regarding personality types and complexes, read on the personal level. However, the general public are led to believe, whether they engage with astrology or not that the ‘star sign’ comes from the stars. Completely incorrect.

Again though, there is some good news because the Art and Method of Forensic Astronomy, otherwise known as Celestics interacts with the real-sky and observable constellations and the Celestician aims to elucidate the transpersonal mission, message and story encoded in the birth manifold. It is the Celestial Code par-excellence. There is nothing on the face of the earth today that touches it. It is the way back to sanity and the correct use of imagination. And that is such.

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